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How to create an awesome collection for your team and fans?

Do you want to have the best tips to create an awesome collection that will work?

Here are our team’s top tips!

#1 Get few gears – “too much choice is no choice”

When choosing your items, we could easily fall into “we need to have it all”. However, “too much choice is no choice”. The best is to select wisely 10 to 15 items maximum with a variety of bottoms, tops and accessories so your fans can quickly find what they need.

#2 Prepare a short list

Write down what you would need and select the most important items. Keep some ideas to frequently update your collection.

#3 Update your collection

It is important to update your collection according to the season – having beanies, scarfs and mugs in the winter and cap, flip-flops and shorts in the summer – and also according to the results of your sales. We provide your shop sales’ statistics so you can view the best sellers.

#4 Propose several colors and sizes

Our items are available in several colors and within a wide range of sizes.

#5 Think about kids and parents

Your club’ fans include kids and parents – proposing a collection that will also fit your kids and parents will make them feel part of your community. At TEAMLINE, we have a full selection and design ideas for kids, parents, men and women. Ask us and choose a collection that will fit everyone.😊

#6 Involve your community

Get your teams and fans involved in the collection’s selection. The more they will be involved, the more they will want to get your club’s gear. AND, it will reinforce the community feeling around your club!

#7 Get advices from our expert team

We have a huge experience in creating collection for clubs and associations. We can give you our best advices according to your needs, timeline, prices etc. We propose a range of +1000 items in several brands such as KAPPA, PEAK, SPALDING etc. from which you could select your collection. Let us know your needs and we would be pleased to support you.

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