File requirements

To save time on your project, please save your design files according to our file requirements. We can accept files from different software programs:

Vector formats accepted


The EPS file is most commonly used for vector elements such are icons. The advantage of the EPS file is that it is usually compatible with recent and old versions of illustrator. It is a highly compatible format.


Ai files are files that are made to be used by Adobe Illustrator (software). These files are commonly used by graphic designers, logo designers, illustrators, printers… Ai files only fonction with illustrator, so you may not need them if you are not using that program.



PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is a file format that aims to accurately represent a document onscreen, regardless of which computer system the file is viewed on. As such, it is the best choice if you need to exchange data while preserving their original layout and appearance. PDF is widely used in the printing and publishing industry.


CDR is a file format which was developed by the Corel Corporation and is used mainly for vector graphic images and drawings. The CDR file format is recognized by the majority of image editing programs. The CDR format is the default format for Corel Draw Applications.

If you don’t have your logo in a vector file format we can convert or create it for you.
Contact us for more details about the advantages and related costs.