Personalized Membership Card Service

As an online service provider, we are pleased to introduce our new service on the sale of personalized membership cards for clubs and associations already affiliated with our platform. Here’s how this service works:

Easy Online Purchase: Members of clubs and associations affiliated with can now easily purchase their membership cards online with just a few clicks. This eliminates the need for in-person transactions or physical visits.

Complete Customization: The membership card will be entirely customized to match the specific design of the club or association, ensuring a personalized and professional touch.

Combinable with Other Products: Membership cards can be seamlessly sold in combination with all other products in the club or association’s collection. This flexibility allows members to access their cards while exploring and purchasing other items offered by the club or association.

Personalized Name: Purchasers will have the option to add their name to the membership card, adding a personal dimension to their membership.

Professional Quality: Membership cards are made from durable plastic, measuring 86 x 55 mm, ensuring a long-lasting and professional appearance.

Postal Delivery: The cards will be sent to members by postal mail, ensuring convenient and efficient distribution.

Simplified Management: We handle the entire process, from online ordering to delivery, so clubs and associations no longer need to worry about complex logistics.

Financial Transparency: Clubs will receive all information related to members who have purchased cards, as well as the total revenue generated, minus production and delivery costs. This simplifies financial management for clubs and allows them to track their memberships more effectively.

Global Accessibility: Through, there are no more geographical barriers to membership card sales. Clubs can reach a broader audience, even beyond their local region.

We believe that this new service will significantly streamline membership card management for clubs and associations while offering members a more convenient and personalized membership experience. Feel free to contact us for more information or to discuss implementing this service for your club or association.