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Clubs & associations, how to keep the link with your community through COVID-19?

In this uncertain period, keeping the link with your community can be challenging. Training and games are on-hold, no halt time break, no more third half sharing a good sausage and a refreshing drink in the warm “buvette” all together. So how could you keep the link with your community?

#1 Use social networks

If you have a Facebook page or an Instagram account, it’s time to post news about your team, create challenges, engage your fans, team players, club members, interview your crew, create a competition, organize a contest. Be creative! You don’t have a Facebook or Instagram page, yet, it’s the perfect timing to start one!

#2 Create a virtual event

Gather your community around a virtual event! Make a presentation with appealing content with different speakers, interview your players, organize an online get together, an online training, you might also think of organizing a virtual competition. And you know what we can support you handling the event registration with our ticketing service. TeamLine handles the full registration process, including specific registration details like i.e T-Shirt sizes or other requirements.

#3 Create an awesome gear collection

Creating a collection for your club or association can really create a great bond through your teams and fans. Christmas is around the corner and it could be a great moment to build your team online shop. In order to engage your team and fans even more, feel free to crowdsource advices from your community via social networks or newsletter. (Like which hoody do you prefer? Create a contest for a T-shirt design etc.) How awesome is that ?

#4 Sell gift card  

Last but not least, sell gift card. Feel free to ask your members to buy gift card for further games, for your online shop, for Christmas. This will support your club or your association and I am sure your awesome community will engage into it! We can help you do that.

Would you be interested in creating your own online shop or need a ticketing service for your online event ? Contact us:

And you what are your ideas to keep the link with your community ?

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