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“United and Re-Fill: Uniting Services for a Sustainable Future”

In a world where conscious consumer choices and sustainable business practices are becoming increasingly important, two Luxembourg-based companies, United and Re-Fill, have come together to offer a unique blend of services that not only cater to your business needs but also reflect the spirit of “made with love in Luxembourg."

United stands as a distinguished service provider, offering two main services: and is the largest merchandise marketplace for clubs and associations in Luxembourg and the greater region. It’s a hub for all things related to customized merchandise, making it a go-to platform for clubs and associations looking to showcase their brand with pride. On the other hand, is the sole online service for customized workwear in Luxembourg, making it a valuable resource for businesses seeking professional, personalized work attire.

Re-Fill, the first Luxembourgish producer of reusable beverage products, is another local gem that has captured hearts with its dedication to environmental sustainability. They provide a diverse range of reusable beverage solutions that not only enhance your company’s branding but also contribute to reducing waste. In a time when reducing our carbon footprint is vital, Re-Fill has taken the lead in Luxembourg, giving businesses an opportunity to blend brand awareness with eco-consciousness.

Now, the exciting news is that United and Re-Fill have come together to create new, combined solutions for the market. This collaboration is perfect for businesses looking for a one-stop shop that caters to both their branding and environmental responsibility needs.

What truly sets this partnership apart is its dedication to the local economy, echoing the sentiment of “made with love in Luxembourg." Both United and Re-Fill are not just service providers; they are proud contributors to the thriving local business landscape. By choosing their services, you are not only investing in the success of your own business but also in the prosperity of the community you call home.

In a world where sustainability and corporate responsibility are on the rise, United and Re-Fill’s partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration in meeting the evolving needs of businesses. The message is clear: you can have it all, great services, environmental responsibility, and a positive impact on the local economy. So, if you’re seeking the best solutions from a single source, United and Re-Fill are here to unite your business with a sustainable future.

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Shooting Club Luxembourg: Elevating Basketball Skills and Giving Back to the Community

In the vibrant world of Luxembourg’s sports and community initiatives, one name stands out prominently – Peter Rajniak. A former professional basketball player with a passion for the game that knows no bounds, Peter has embarked on a remarkable journey to promote shooting skills in basketball while making a meaningful contribution to the “Fondation Kriibskrank Kanner of Luxembourg.” is proud to be a part of his Shooting Club Initiative by hosting the online marketplace for his apparel collections.

The Shooting Club Luxembourg: A Vision of Excellence:

Peter Rajniak’s Shooting Club Luxembourg was born out of a deep love for basketball and a desire to give back to the community. With a dual mission in mind, he set out to promote shooting skills within the game and support the “Fondation Kriibskrank Kanner of Luxembourg.” This initiative has not only revitalized the Luxembourgish basketball community but also made a positive impact on the lives of children through its charitable endeavors.

Promoting Shooting Skills:

One of the primary goals of the Shooting Club Luxembourg is to elevate shooting skills within the game of basketball. Through various events, workshops, and clinics, Peter has provided aspiring players with opportunities to enhance their abilities. Notably, the shooting clinics and camps conducted in collaboration with basketball legends like Mike Dunn and Rob Fodor have been instrumental in achieving this goal. Participants have had the privilege of learning from the best, honing their skills, and gaining a deeper understanding of the sport.

Supporting a Worthy Cause:

Beyond basketball, the Shooting Club Luxembourg has a noble aim – to support the “Fondation Kriibskrank Kanner of Luxembourg.” By allocating the proceeds from its efforts to this foundation, Peter Rajniak and his team are actively contributing to the well-being of children facing cancer and their families. This philanthropic aspect of the initiative underscores the heart and soul behind the Shooting Club. Proud Host of the Online Marketplace: is honored to play a role in Peter Rajniak’s Shooting Club Initiative. By hosting the online marketplace for his apparel collections, we are not only supporting his mission but also providing a platform for the Luxembourgish basketball community, students, professionals, and lifestyle apparel designers to connect and contribute to a meaningful cause.

The Shooting Club Luxembourg, spearheaded by Peter Rajniak, is a shining example of how one individual’s passion for a sport can lead to transformative change in a community. By promoting shooting skills in basketball and supporting the “Fondation Kriibskrank Kanner of Luxembourg,” this initiative has not only enriched the lives of basketball enthusiasts but also made a lasting impact on those in need. is proud to be a part of this remarkable journey, and we look forward to witnessing the continued growth and success of the Shooting Club Luxembourg in the years to come.

Among other contributors : FLBB, BBC Grengewald, Mike Baseggio 

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Elevating Sports Clubs with the exclusive Powerhouse Partnership of Tüta and Teamline.

  When it comes to sports, success isn’t limited to what happens on the court; it extends to every aspect of your club’s identity. That’s why we’re thrilled to unveil our groundbreaking partnership with Tüta, a leader in crafting professional apparel for both on-court and off-court needs.

Tüta: Crafting Excellence in Sports Uniforms

Tüta’s name is synonymous with excellence in sports uniforms. With a stellar reputation for manufacturing top-tier uniforms across a wide range of sports, including motorsports, autosports, soccer, running, basketball, and more, Tüta brings a legacy of quality and innovation to the table.

The Power of Partnership

Now, imagine the possibilities when two powerhouses in the world of sports gear come together. Our exclusive partnership with Tüta, brought to you by Teamline, aims to revolutionize the sports gear landscape in Luxembourg.

Why Choose Tüta through Teamline?

  1.  Unrivaled Expertise: Tailor your on-court uniforms to match your club’s identity perfectly. Choose from a wide range of colors, patterns, and customization options to make your team stand out.
  2. Customization at Its Best: Tailor your uniforms to match your club’s identity flawlessly. We and Tüta offer a spectrum of customization options, ensuring your team stands out on the field or track.
  3. Performance Beyond Compare: Tüta’s uniforms are engineered for peak performance, enabling your athletes to excel in their chosen sports. Don’t settle for less when it comes to gear that can impact the game.
  4. Local Excellence: Our partnership ensures that you can access the very best in sports gear right here in Luxembourg. No need to look elsewhere; we’re committed to serving our local sports community.

Join the Revolution Today

Ready to revolutionize your sports club’s appearance both on and off the court? Our partnership with Tüta makes it easier than ever. Contact us today to start the journey towards top-quality, customized apparel that elevates your club’s image and performance. Together, we’ll redefine sports apparel for Luxembourg’s sports community, one club at a time.

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No Limits in Colors and Creativity

Are you looking for a way to promote your company or brand while staying comfortable during your runs?

Our fully customizable running shirts offer the perfect solution. Our shirts are fully sublimated, meaning that there are no limits to the colors and designs that can be printed on them. This allows for endless creativity in promoting your brand.

Why Choose Fully Sublimated Custom Running Shirts:

Fully sublimated custom running shirts offer numerous benefits over traditional screen-printed shirts. Because the design is printed directly onto the fabric, rather than being layered on top of it, the colors are more vibrant and the design is more durable. Additionally, because there are no limits to the number of colors or designs that can be printed, you have complete creative freedom in showcasing your brand.

Our Customizable Running Shirts:

Our fully sublimated custom running shirts are made with high-quality materials that are designed to wick away sweat and keep you cool and dry during your runs. We offer a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from, so you can find the perfect shirt to match your company’s branding. Our design team will work with you to ensure that your company logo and any additional designs are prominently displayed on the shirt.

How to Get Started:

Getting started on your custom running shirts is easy! Simply contact us with your logo and any specific design requests, and our team will work with you to create a customized shirt that meets your needs. We offer competitive pricing and quick turnaround times, so you can get your shirts in time for your next marathon or running event.


Fully sublimated custom running shirts offer no limits in colors and creativity, making them the perfect choice for promoting your brand while staying comfortable during your runs. Contact us today to get started on creating your customized running shirts! Please note that production time for the shirts takes around 3 weeks after the approval of the final design, so be sure to plan accordingly for your upcoming marathon or running event.

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Implementing product variations preview

In an effort to improve the user experience on we have just implemented preview of product variations on shop and product level.

With this new feature you will now be able to see all variations of products without clicking on the product level. It does also show if a specific color is temporarily out of stock. Another new feature is the possibility to have combined colors as a variation, which was not the case before.

If you have ideas or comments regarding the improvement of the user experience on our website, feel free to get in touch with us.

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GIU-NO …the beginning of a new story

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Made by Kids for Kids
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creative & motivated
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Created by Giuliano and Noa
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It all started during Covid lockdown. Passionated by soccer, skateboarding and drawing, GIUliano and NOa decided to create their own street clothing brand.

A first collection, in corporation with Teamline Shop, will be available  soon. You can follow their story and progress on Instagram.

Support these 10 & 11 year old boyz and buy GIU-NO clothing…

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New collection for 2021 avaiable

Are you looking to create your own community brand ?

Teamline Shop is known to provide a 360° service for all our partners and their final customers. From a dedicated team collection, a user friendly online shop to a professional delivery system, Teamline continuously tries to improve its services.

With our new online catalogue, partners  and future partners can find the necessary inspiration to extend their collection and get even more creative.

Please visit one of our brand new online catalogue with hundreds of new products.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question.

Your Teamline Team

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Clubs & associations, how to keep the link with your community through COVID-19?

In this uncertain period, keeping the link with your community can be challenging. Training and games are on-hold, no halt time break, no more third half sharing a good sausage and a refreshing drink in the warm “buvette” all together. So how could you keep the link with your community?

#1 Use social networks

If you have a Facebook page or an Instagram account, it’s time to post news about your team, create challenges, engage your fans, team players, club members, interview your crew, create a competition, organize a contest. Be creative! You don’t have a Facebook or Instagram page, yet, it’s the perfect timing to start one!

#2 Create a virtual event

Gather your community around a virtual event! Make a presentation with appealing content with different speakers, interview your players, organize an online get together, an online training, you might also think of organizing a virtual competition. And you know what we can support you handling the event registration with our ticketing service. TeamLine handles the full registration process, including specific registration details like i.e T-Shirt sizes or other requirements.

#3 Create an awesome gear collection

Creating a collection for your club or association can really create a great bond through your teams and fans. Christmas is around the corner and it could be a great moment to build your team online shop. In order to engage your team and fans even more, feel free to crowdsource advices from your community via social networks or newsletter. (Like which hoody do you prefer? Create a contest for a T-shirt design etc.) How awesome is that ?

#4 Sell gift card  

Last but not least, sell gift card. Feel free to ask your members to buy gift card for further games, for your online shop, for Christmas. This will support your club or your association and I am sure your awesome community will engage into it! We can help you do that.

Would you be interested in creating your own online shop or need a ticketing service for your online event ? Contact us:

And you what are your ideas to keep the link with your community ?

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How to create an awesome collection for your team and fans?

Do you want to have the best tips to create an awesome collection that will work?

Here are our team’s top tips!

#1 Get few gears – “too much choice is no choice”

When choosing your items, we could easily fall into “we need to have it all”. However, “too much choice is no choice”. The best is to select wisely 10 to 15 items maximum with a variety of bottoms, tops and accessories so your fans can quickly find what they need.

#2 Prepare a short list

Write down what you would need and select the most important items. Keep some ideas to frequently update your collection.

#3 Update your collection

It is important to update your collection according to the season – having beanies, scarfs and mugs in the winter and cap, flip-flops and shorts in the summer – and also according to the results of your sales. We provide your shop sales’ statistics so you can view the best sellers.

#4 Propose several colors and sizes

Our items are available in several colors and within a wide range of sizes.

#5 Think about kids and parents

Your club’ fans include kids and parents – proposing a collection that will also fit your kids and parents will make them feel part of your community. At TEAMLINE, we have a full selection and design ideas for kids, parents, men and women. Ask us and choose a collection that will fit everyone.😊

#6 Involve your community

Get your teams and fans involved in the collection’s selection. The more they will be involved, the more they will want to get your club’s gear. AND, it will reinforce the community feeling around your club!

#7 Get advices from our expert team

We have a huge experience in creating collection for clubs and associations. We can give you our best advices according to your needs, timeline, prices etc. We propose a range of +1000 items in several brands such as KAPPA, PEAK, SPALDING etc. from which you could select your collection. Let us know your needs and we would be pleased to support you.

Would you like to have your own online shop ?

Contact us:

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!NEW! BtoB service: TEAMWEAR, the workwear online interface

Are you tired of handling the workwear of your company yourself? And what about if you need to brand it? It takes time, energy, and effort to get something which will barely fit what you initially wanted.

At TEAMWEAR, we understand how challenging it is for companies to create their own personalized workwear, following the requirements of each field for protection and safety, without undermining the importance of comfort and aesthetics. That’s what TEAMWEAR does. We help you create your own collection, in collaboration with the best suppliers of the field.

Strong of our TEAMLINE experience, an innovative online shop solution for sports clubs, schools and associations, our team worked closely with BtoB customers to come up with a solution that will solve the enterprise concerns when it comes to branded professional clothes.

What is TEAMWEAR ?

Teamwear is an online service provider hosting personalized webshops with private access. It is made for companies in need of a fast and flexible solution when it comes to ordering their workwear.

Our goal is to offer the easiest way to buy your workwear online, without having to deal with the usual long delays, big order policies, hidden costs, bad quality and many more.

How does it work?


No prior investment – We create the collection and the online interface for free.

Order one item – You can order 1 to 1000 clothes. You take exactly what you need when you need it.


When it comes to branded workwear, the process can be a never-ending story. You need to select the right suppliers, define what you need, choose the collection, gather sizes, make sure you order big volumes to get interesting prices, etc. Between the moment you think about getting branded workwear and the time you get the physical items in your hands it can take more than a year.

Furthermore, it is a one-time collection – meaning you have to go through the whole process again if you want more items.

With TEAMWEAR, the collection is virtually created, you have no stock, and can change it in minutes. You order in just one-click and get your items few days later. The process is simple and makes your life easy.


We are working with the best suppliers of the market and have a strong relationship with them.

We are a proud partner of MASCOT WORKWEAR.

You benefit from the best workwear technology of the market : Lightweight, cold protection, fire safe, dry technology and more.


Want to know more about TEAMWEAR? Contact us 621 470 366