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Elevating Sports Clubs with the exclusive Powerhouse Partnership of Tüta and Teamline.

  When it comes to sports, success isn’t limited to what happens on the court; it extends to every aspect of your club’s identity. That’s why we’re thrilled to unveil our groundbreaking partnership with Tüta, a leader in crafting professional apparel for both on-court and off-court needs.

Tüta: Crafting Excellence in Sports Uniforms

Tüta’s name is synonymous with excellence in sports uniforms. With a stellar reputation for manufacturing top-tier uniforms across a wide range of sports, including motorsports, autosports, soccer, running, basketball, and more, Tüta brings a legacy of quality and innovation to the table.

The Power of Partnership

Now, imagine the possibilities when two powerhouses in the world of sports gear come together. Our exclusive partnership with Tüta, brought to you by Teamline, aims to revolutionize the sports gear landscape in Luxembourg.

Why Choose Tüta through Teamline?

  1.  Unrivaled Expertise: Tailor your on-court uniforms to match your club’s identity perfectly. Choose from a wide range of colors, patterns, and customization options to make your team stand out.
  2. Customization at Its Best: Tailor your uniforms to match your club’s identity flawlessly. We and Tüta offer a spectrum of customization options, ensuring your team stands out on the field or track.
  3. Performance Beyond Compare: Tüta’s uniforms are engineered for peak performance, enabling your athletes to excel in their chosen sports. Don’t settle for less when it comes to gear that can impact the game.
  4. Local Excellence: Our partnership ensures that you can access the very best in sports gear right here in Luxembourg. No need to look elsewhere; we’re committed to serving our local sports community.

Join the Revolution Today

Ready to revolutionize your sports club’s appearance both on and off the court? Our partnership with Tüta makes it easier than ever. Contact us today to start the journey towards top-quality, customized apparel that elevates your club’s image and performance. Together, we’ll redefine sports apparel for Luxembourg’s sports community, one club at a time.

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Christmas is around the corner ! We, at Teamline, have put together the perfect gift for you and your beloved ones: a GIFT CARD.

Gift card is the ideal gift. You offer the choice between and you are sure to select the right item at the right size and color.

Our gift card can be used on the whole TEAMLINE products (any team, any schools). We have more 1000 references on our website.

By offering a gift card, you are sure you are offering the perfect present.

How to get your gift card? It’s easy!

  1. Follow the link :
  2. Select the amount of your gift card between 10€, 25€, 50€ or 100€.
  3. Enter your email address or the email address of the person you would like to offer the gift card
  4. Add your name and a message(optional)
  5. Pay online and receive your gift card right away by email.
  6. Your beloved once will have a specific code that they can be used to pay their next order on

Make someone happy this Christmas, go for the gift card. 😊

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Teamline’s new website is out now!

Better user experience and awesome design.

Teamline proudly presents its newly designed website As online shops demands are growing, we have invested in creating a user-friendly browsing experience. contains more categories to easily navigate through the shops and also easily access our event ticketing service. For new partners, the “get your shop” tab leads through the 4 different steps to create your own online shop. 

Our brand-new website is also mobile friendly so that customers can navigate, select products and order from their mobile phone anywhere at any time. As we have international customers, Teamline’s website is also now available in 3 languages: English, French and German.

Moving forward, we will regularly feed our news page providing new articles and information about Teamline and its partners.

We are extremely excited to present our new website and we hope that it creates the experience you’re looking for. Check out our new website here:

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New ticketing service on TeamLine

TeamLine proudly presents its new ticketing service for its clubs and associations.

Handling attendee registrations for events and tournaments made easy ! TeamLine handles the full registration process, including specific registration details like i.e T-Shirt sizes or other requirements.

Events are published in our events section with all relevant information are available for the public. By sharing the link of the event, people can register by themselves.

Teamline collects the attendee payments and provides, if previously defined, the event related apparel to the organization (T-Shirts, Caps, Bags, …)

The full attendee list is provided to the association and by simply using a smartphone, attendees will be checked in.

Are you organizing a venue ? Let’s have a chat on how TeamLine can help you !

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Shipping your order

Teamline offers now the possibility to get your order shipped !

Due to a huge demand from our users, we have decided to implement the shipping possibility into our shop. As we just started working with DHL, the offered shipping rates are relatively high. Teamline does apply the precise rates as applied to us. We believe that after some time we should be able to negotiate these rates with the provider.

Nevertheless the implementation was a success and is fully automated. We are changing progressively all available items and enabling the shipping option.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question or comment.

Your TeamLine Team

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Welcome at TeamLine !

TeamLine Shop is a unique service provider for clubs and associations in Luxembourg and the greater region.

Based on our platform, organizations will:

  • Sell any kind of lifestyle and performance apparel
  • Earn revenues without any investment
  • Manage Event attendances without administrative hustle

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information