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5 tips for a peaceful back-to-school/work season

It is September and September means going Back-to-School/ Work. Especially this year, if you have been working from home since the lockdown it might be challenging to come back on track, create a new routine, re-organize the family and being up and running.

Here are our 5 tips for a peaceful back-to-school season.

1/ Plan

Planning might seem boring, but it can be a powerful tool to help you organize your days and weeks and, in the end, win time. You do not need to overthink what you have to do, your planning is ready, you know when to do it and how to do it. You can easily visualize you week and feel peaceful, avoiding the overwhelming feeling of having so much on your plate.

To support you, we have created a printable Weekly planner: Download it here for free.

2/ Pack your bag the night before

The typical chaos of the morning makes it difficult to prepare everything on the D-Day. Due to morning rush, you might want to prepare your bag the day before (laptop, pens, sport clothes, masks – Need a mask? Get yours here) It will help you and your family to think through what is going on the following day. Also, make sure you prepare your clothes for the next day for a peaceful morning.

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3/ Sleep well

Holiday season and long summer nights might have changed our sleep habits. We go to bed late, have heavy dinner enjoying the warm nights of summer. When back to school, we want to go back to a restful sleep routine, to be fully energized on the day after.

Make sure you set up a sleep time, avoid screens at least 1-hour before going to bed and have relaxing activities before going to bed. This will help you to fall asleep quickly. Make sure you sleep enough time to help your body to recover.

How long should I sleep according to my age?

4/ Create a morning routine

Waking up at the same time everyday can be helpful for your body without the need of snoozing multiple times. Set your alarm, do physical activity, have a feeding and healthy breakfast, get your family ready and you have a perfect start for a perfect day. No stress, everything going smoothly

5/ Sign up for afterschool activity and get your gear ready

Back-to-school/work means going back to work out or to your hobbies after the summer break. Make sure you select and register to your clubs or associations for you and your family and get your gears ready!

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And you what is your back-to-school/ work advices ?

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