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How to create an awesome collection for your team and fans?

Do you want to have the best tips to create an awesome collection that will work?

Here are our team’s top tips!

#1 Get few gears – “too much choice is no choice”

When choosing your items, we could easily fall into “we need to have it all”. However, “too much choice is no choice”. The best is to select wisely 10 to 15 items maximum with a variety of bottoms, tops and accessories so your fans can quickly find what they need.

#2 Prepare a short list

Write down what you would need and select the most important items. Keep some ideas to frequently update your collection.

#3 Update your collection

It is important to update your collection according to the season – having beanies, scarfs and mugs in the winter and cap, flip-flops and shorts in the summer – and also according to the results of your sales. We provide your shop sales’ statistics so you can view the best sellers.

#4 Propose several colors and sizes

Our items are available in several colors and within a wide range of sizes.

#5 Think about kids and parents

Your club’ fans include kids and parents – proposing a collection that will also fit your kids and parents will make them feel part of your community. At TEAMLINE, we have a full selection and design ideas for kids, parents, men and women. Ask us and choose a collection that will fit everyone.😊

#6 Involve your community

Get your teams and fans involved in the collection’s selection. The more they will be involved, the more they will want to get your club’s gear. AND, it will reinforce the community feeling around your club!

#7 Get advices from our expert team

We have a huge experience in creating collection for clubs and associations. We can give you our best advices according to your needs, timeline, prices etc. We propose a range of +1000 items in several brands such as KAPPA, PEAK, SPALDING etc. from which you could select your collection. Let us know your needs and we would be pleased to support you.

Would you like to have your own online shop ?

Contact us:

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!NEW! BtoB service: TEAMWEAR, the workwear online interface

Are you tired of handling the workwear of your company yourself? And what about if you need to brand it? It takes time, energy, and effort to get something which will barely fit what you initially wanted.

At TEAMWEAR, we understand how challenging it is for companies to create their own personalized workwear, following the requirements of each field for protection and safety, without undermining the importance of comfort and aesthetics. That’s what TEAMWEAR does. We help you create your own collection, in collaboration with the best suppliers of the field.

Strong of our TEAMLINE experience, an innovative online shop solution for sports clubs, schools and associations, our team worked closely with BtoB customers to come up with a solution that will solve the enterprise concerns when it comes to branded professional clothes.

What is TEAMWEAR ?

Teamwear is an online service provider hosting personalized webshops with private access. It is made for companies in need of a fast and flexible solution when it comes to ordering their workwear.

Our goal is to offer the easiest way to buy your workwear online, without having to deal with the usual long delays, big order policies, hidden costs, bad quality and many more.

How does it work?


No prior investment – We create the collection and the online interface for free.

Order one item – You can order 1 to 1000 clothes. You take exactly what you need when you need it.


When it comes to branded workwear, the process can be a never-ending story. You need to select the right suppliers, define what you need, choose the collection, gather sizes, make sure you order big volumes to get interesting prices, etc. Between the moment you think about getting branded workwear and the time you get the physical items in your hands it can take more than a year.

Furthermore, it is a one-time collection – meaning you have to go through the whole process again if you want more items.

With TEAMWEAR, the collection is virtually created, you have no stock, and can change it in minutes. You order in just one-click and get your items few days later. The process is simple and makes your life easy.


We are working with the best suppliers of the market and have a strong relationship with them.

We are a proud partner of MASCOT WORKWEAR.

You benefit from the best workwear technology of the market : Lightweight, cold protection, fire safe, dry technology and more.


Want to know more about TEAMWEAR? Contact us 621 470 366

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5 tips for a peaceful back-to-school/work season

It is September and September means going Back-to-School/ Work. Especially this year, if you have been working from home since the lockdown it might be challenging to come back on track, create a new routine, re-organize the family and being up and running.

Here are our 5 tips for a peaceful back-to-school season.

1/ Plan

Planning might seem boring, but it can be a powerful tool to help you organize your days and weeks and, in the end, win time. You do not need to overthink what you have to do, your planning is ready, you know when to do it and how to do it. You can easily visualize you week and feel peaceful, avoiding the overwhelming feeling of having so much on your plate.

To support you, we have created a printable Weekly planner: Download it here for free.

2/ Pack your bag the night before

The typical chaos of the morning makes it difficult to prepare everything on the D-Day. Due to morning rush, you might want to prepare your bag the day before (laptop, pens, sport clothes, masks – Need a mask? Get yours here) It will help you and your family to think through what is going on the following day. Also, make sure you prepare your clothes for the next day for a peaceful morning.

Have a look at our awesome backpack selection. Click here.

3/ Sleep well

Holiday season and long summer nights might have changed our sleep habits. We go to bed late, have heavy dinner enjoying the warm nights of summer. When back to school, we want to go back to a restful sleep routine, to be fully energized on the day after.

Make sure you set up a sleep time, avoid screens at least 1-hour before going to bed and have relaxing activities before going to bed. This will help you to fall asleep quickly. Make sure you sleep enough time to help your body to recover.

How long should I sleep according to my age?

4/ Create a morning routine

Waking up at the same time everyday can be helpful for your body without the need of snoozing multiple times. Set your alarm, do physical activity, have a feeding and healthy breakfast, get your family ready and you have a perfect start for a perfect day. No stress, everything going smoothly

5/ Sign up for afterschool activity and get your gear ready

Back-to-school/work means going back to work out or to your hobbies after the summer break. Make sure you select and register to your clubs or associations for you and your family and get your gears ready!

Find your team gear here:


And you what is your back-to-school/ work advices ?

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All you need to do is:


  1. Take a photo of yourself wearing your favorite club’s item bought on
  2. Send us your picture to before Thursday, December 11th at 12 a.m.
  3. Like our Teamline Facebook Page
  4. Increase your chances to win by sharing your picture with your friends and family ! (Your picture will be published on Teamline’s Facebook page)


The 5 pictures with the most “Like” till Monday, December 16th at 9 am win a 100€ voucher.


The winners will be announced on Monday December 16th at 4 pm!


Stay tuned !



  • By sending the picture to, you authorize Teamline to publish your picture on Teamline’s website and social networks. (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Teamline reserves itself the right to not publish a picture if its content is inappropriate
  • Only the pictures where the club’s item is visible will be published
  • Only one picture per participant will be accepted
  • Only the likes on the Teamline Facebook page will count
  • The 100€ gift card will be usable at once on
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Christmas is around the corner ! We, at Teamline, have put together the perfect gift for you and your beloved ones: a GIFT CARD.

Gift card is the ideal gift. You offer the choice between and you are sure to select the right item at the right size and color.

Our gift card can be used on the whole TEAMLINE products (any team, any schools). We have more 1000 references on our website.

By offering a gift card, you are sure you are offering the perfect present.

How to get your gift card? It’s easy!

  1. Follow the link :
  2. Select the amount of your gift card between 10€, 25€, 50€ or 100€.
  3. Enter your email address or the email address of the person you would like to offer the gift card
  4. Add your name and a message(optional)
  5. Pay online and receive your gift card right away by email.
  6. Your beloved once will have a specific code that they can be used to pay their next order on

Make someone happy this Christmas, go for the gift card. 😊

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Teamline’s new website is out now!

Better user experience and awesome design.

Teamline proudly presents its newly designed website As online shops demands are growing, we have invested in creating a user-friendly browsing experience. contains more categories to easily navigate through the shops and also easily access our event ticketing service. For new partners, the “get your shop” tab leads through the 4 different steps to create your own online shop. 

Our brand-new website is also mobile friendly so that customers can navigate, select products and order from their mobile phone anywhere at any time. As we have international customers, Teamline’s website is also now available in 3 languages: English, French and German.

Moving forward, we will regularly feed our news page providing new articles and information about Teamline and its partners.

We are extremely excited to present our new website and we hope that it creates the experience you’re looking for. Check out our new website here:

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Strategic Alliance with K1X

Teamline Shop is proud to announce its partnership with K1X as a supplier.

As the demand for basketball performance and lifestyle apparel is rising among our basketball partners at Teamline Shop, we have decided to create different strategic alliances.

From now on all our basketball partners can offer K1X products on their individual shops. We are convinced that the basketball community will be more the pleased about this.

About K1X:

Founded in 1993 during the „Golden Era“, when NBA basketball went global and hip hop culture took over the streets, the brand K1X was created „for ballers by ballers“ in a grassroots movement to supply streetballers and rap heads with an alternative to mainstream brands.

The „Nation of Hoop“ supplies specialized products that allow around-the-clock identification with our beloved basketball-culture. The product range features authentic footwear, apparel, accessories and hardware mostly for men and – to a smaller extent – also for women.

Official K1X Website

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Teamline Shop available in French now !

As of today, Teamline Shop is available in French.

Teamline Shop is extending its activities into the greater region of Luxembourg. Having started our website in English only, it was time to add additional languages. To start we have opted for French.

Most probably German will follow as soon as the demand for it increases. The translations are contentiously being improved and at this stage some are still necessary 🙂

Should you encounter any difficulties in the purchasing process or if you have any improvement recommendations, do not hesitate to get in touch with us

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New ticketing service on TeamLine

TeamLine proudly presents its new ticketing service for its clubs and associations.

Handling attendee registrations for events and tournaments made easy ! TeamLine handles the full registration process, including specific registration details like i.e T-Shirt sizes or other requirements.

Events are published in our events section with all relevant information are available for the public. By sharing the link of the event, people can register by themselves.

Teamline collects the attendee payments and provides, if previously defined, the event related apparel to the organization (T-Shirts, Caps, Bags, …)

The full attendee list is provided to the association and by simply using a smartphone, attendees will be checked in.

Are you organizing a venue ? Let’s have a chat on how TeamLine can help you !

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Shipping your order

Teamline offers now the possibility to get your order shipped !

Due to a huge demand from our users, we have decided to implement the shipping possibility into our shop. As we just started working with DHL, the offered shipping rates are relatively high. Teamline does apply the precise rates as applied to us. We believe that after some time we should be able to negotiate these rates with the provider.

Nevertheless the implementation was a success and is fully automated. We are changing progressively all available items and enabling the shipping option.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question or comment.

Your TeamLine Team