Choose to #fly

Choose to fly! With the keyword ‘FLY’, our event is meant to make as much impact as we’d like the word to have.

With an inspiration background of a butterfly, and it’s natural process to maturation, we will create a summer evening event enhancing the transformation of a caterpillar into a magnificent butterfly. Not neglecting a crucial phase in entrepreneurship or personal development, which is the chrysalis phase, in which we have to push the boundaries of our comfort zones, redefine our concepts of work and success, and foremost make an important choice; let go of all that holds us back, including our thoughts and fears. The event is shaped in such a way, that you will be stepping into a fresh, vibrant and inspiring world.

The speakers of the evening:

  • Tessy de Nassau (Finding Butterflies),
  • Jil Michels (Perfect beauty by Jil),
  • Jennifer Carat (Krav Maga Center),
  • Carole Miltgen (CEO Prisma)
  • Christine Hansen (Sleep expert),
  • Dr Denisa Rensen (Integrative Naturopathic Physician, Anti Aging-Expert),
  • Irene Masiku (Happiness Coach),
  • Judith Teusch-Schmit (Institut Luxembourgeois d’Hypnose Humaniste)

Win delightful gifts during the entire evening, like a stay at the Hotel Place d’Armes and many more surprises offered by our partners. Members must show their membeship card along with the entrance ticket at the event.

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New ticketing service on TeamLine

TeamLine proudly presents its new ticketing service for its clubs and associations.

Handling attendee registrations for events and tournaments made easy ! TeamLine handles the full registration process, including specific registration details like i.e T-Shirt sizes or other requirements.

Events are published in our events section with all relevant information are available for the public. By sharing the link of the event, people can register by themselves.

Teamline collects the attendee payments and provides, if previously defined, the event related apparel to the organization (T-Shirts, Caps, Bags, …)

The full attendee list is provided to the association and by simply using a smartphone, attendees will be checked in.

Are you organizing a venue ? Let’s have a chat on how TeamLine can help you !