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!NEW! BtoB service: TEAMWEAR, the workwear online interface

Are you tired of handling the workwear of your company yourself? And what about if you need to brand it? It takes time, energy, and effort to get something which will barely fit what you initially wanted.

At TEAMWEAR, we understand how challenging it is for companies to create their own personalized workwear, following the requirements of each field for protection and safety, without undermining the importance of comfort and aesthetics. That’s what TEAMWEAR does. We help you create your own collection, in collaboration with the best suppliers of the field.

Strong of our TEAMLINE experience, an innovative online shop solution for sports clubs, schools and associations, our team worked closely with BtoB customers to come up with a solution that will solve the enterprise concerns when it comes to branded professional clothes.

What is TEAMWEAR ?

Teamwear is an online service provider hosting personalized webshops with private access. It is made for companies in need of a fast and flexible solution when it comes to ordering their workwear.

Our goal is to offer the easiest way to buy your workwear online, without having to deal with the usual long delays, big order policies, hidden costs, bad quality and many more.

How does it work?


No prior investment – We create the collection and the online interface for free.

Order one item – You can order 1 to 1000 clothes. You take exactly what you need when you need it.


When it comes to branded workwear, the process can be a never-ending story. You need to select the right suppliers, define what you need, choose the collection, gather sizes, make sure you order big volumes to get interesting prices, etc. Between the moment you think about getting branded workwear and the time you get the physical items in your hands it can take more than a year.

Furthermore, it is a one-time collection – meaning you have to go through the whole process again if you want more items.

With TEAMWEAR, the collection is virtually created, you have no stock, and can change it in minutes. You order in just one-click and get your items few days later. The process is simple and makes your life easy.


We are working with the best suppliers of the market and have a strong relationship with them.

We are a proud partner of MASCOT WORKWEAR.

You benefit from the best workwear technology of the market : Lightweight, cold protection, fire safe, dry technology and more.


Want to know more about TEAMWEAR? Contact us 621 470 366