Frequently asked questions


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How long does is take to complete my order ?

  • Count more or less 10 working days after you have received the processing confirmation mail. 90% of the orders are completed within a week.

How can I be sure about the sizing / fitting of the apparel ?

  • We have samples of all apparel collections in our workshop at your disposal.
  • Generally all brands that we suggest are “regular fit", in the product description you can fin additional information.
  • Alternatively you can have a look at the size grids by brand

Do you ship the order to me ?

  • All order will be shipped to you. Shipping costs are added to your order.

Can I exchange some items if I picked the wrong size ?

  • All items are produced and customized for each order. We do not hold any stock and therefore we cannot exchange or replace any items after the order is completed.
    As previously mentioned, you can come and check the fitting before placing the order.

Is there a warranty on the apparel ?

  • Should you notice that an purchased item presents a failure, please do notify us within a week after your order has been completed.
    If it is clearly a failure of the textile or of the printing, we will replace the item within a week.

Is the format of my logo correct for printing ?

All information regarding the file requirements can be found here.

If your logo does not match the requirements, Teamline can help you !