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“United and Re-Fill: Uniting Services for a Sustainable Future”

In a world where conscious consumer choices and sustainable business practices are becoming increasingly important, two Luxembourg-based companies, United and Re-Fill, have come together to offer a unique blend of services that not only cater to your business needs but also reflect the spirit of “made with love in Luxembourg."

United stands as a distinguished service provider, offering two main services: and is the largest merchandise marketplace for clubs and associations in Luxembourg and the greater region. It’s a hub for all things related to customized merchandise, making it a go-to platform for clubs and associations looking to showcase their brand with pride. On the other hand, is the sole online service for customized workwear in Luxembourg, making it a valuable resource for businesses seeking professional, personalized work attire.

Re-Fill, the first Luxembourgish producer of reusable beverage products, is another local gem that has captured hearts with its dedication to environmental sustainability. They provide a diverse range of reusable beverage solutions that not only enhance your company’s branding but also contribute to reducing waste. In a time when reducing our carbon footprint is vital, Re-Fill has taken the lead in Luxembourg, giving businesses an opportunity to blend brand awareness with eco-consciousness.

Now, the exciting news is that United and Re-Fill have come together to create new, combined solutions for the market. This collaboration is perfect for businesses looking for a one-stop shop that caters to both their branding and environmental responsibility needs.

What truly sets this partnership apart is its dedication to the local economy, echoing the sentiment of “made with love in Luxembourg." Both United and Re-Fill are not just service providers; they are proud contributors to the thriving local business landscape. By choosing their services, you are not only investing in the success of your own business but also in the prosperity of the community you call home.

In a world where sustainability and corporate responsibility are on the rise, United and Re-Fill’s partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration in meeting the evolving needs of businesses. The message is clear: you can have it all, great services, environmental responsibility, and a positive impact on the local economy. So, if you’re seeking the best solutions from a single source, United and Re-Fill are here to unite your business with a sustainable future.

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