BBC Bascharage Hedgehogs Basketball Camp

***Youth Basketball Camp Alert***

Season 23/24: First BBC Bascharage Hedgehogs Basketball camp.

3 days during next holidays Thursday 15th – Friday 17th February at “Op Acker” always from 10-17h (lunch, T-Shirt, Gadgets offered). Born in 2006-2013.

Access to the basketball court is possible starting at 9:00 !

Basketball coaching (Goran Lukic) will be combined with fitness coaching (Jovanovic Zika) and skills competition with prizes.

Registration deadline: 31th January !!

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Avanti Easter Camp

Join us for the much-anticipated Avanti Mondorf Traditional Basketball Easter Camp on April 12 & 13, 2024! Save the date and stay tuned for upcoming details. Your basketball experience awaits, and we can’t wait to share more information with you soon.


Embark on an exceptional camp journey with a distinguished cadre of coaches, dedicated to enhancing your decision-making skills, elevating your basketball IQ, refining your training methodologies, and fostering newfound confidence on the court.

Meet the Coaches:

  1. Coleman Ayers (BY ANY MEANS BASKETBALL)
  2. Joerik Michiels (Elite Athletes)
  3. Peter Rajniak (Shooting Club)

Important Details:

  • Registration Deadline: March 10, 2024
  • Registration Fee (includes T-Shirt): €99
  • Minimum Participant Age: 12 years

Additional Instructions:

  • Participants are encouraged to arrive promptly at 13:30 to prepare for the camp, which officially commences at 14:00.
  • Please bring a water bottle and snacks to keep energized throughout the camp.
  • After the camp, there will be an opportunity for participants to take individual pictures with the coaches.

The layout of the T-Shirt included in the registration fee.

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A Day of Basketball Fun and Learning!

The Property Invest Youth Camp, held today at the Hall Omni Sport Prince Henri in Walferdange, was an absolute slam dunk! Organized by Raul Birenbaum, the camp brought together a vibrant group of young basketball enthusiasts born in 2016, 2017, and 2018 for a day filled with skills, teamwork, and pure joy on the court.


From the crack of dawn until the late afternoon, the venue echoed with laughter, cheers, and the sound of basketballs dribbling. The air buzzed with excitement as kids honed their skills under expert guidance, learning new techniques, and perfecting their shots.


What truly made the day exceptional was the energy and enthusiasm radiating from every participant. The camaraderie was palpable as friendships formed, teamwork flourished, and a true sense of sportsmanship prevailed throughout the camp.


Moreover, the organizers ensured that the campers were well taken care of with a scrumptious catering spread, providing them with the fuel needed to keep up with the action-packed day.


The highlight, however, was the contagious smiles on every child’s face, showcasing their sheer delight in being a part of such a fantastic event. The reversible jerseys provided to each participant became a symbol of pride as they navigated through various drills and games.


As the camp drew to a close at 16:40, there was a collective sense of accomplishment and happiness among both the young athletes and their families. The Property Invest Youth Camp was not just about basketball skills; it was an experience that instilled values of teamwork, dedication, and a love for the game.


Undoubtedly, today’s camp was a testament to the passion for basketball and the unwavering commitment of Raul Birenbaum and the organizers in creating an unforgettable day for these budding athletes. Here’s to many more successful camps that inspire and nurture the future stars of the basketball world!


A special thanks to the dedicated coaches—Philippe Arendt, Eric Zenners, Vic Heuschling, Ivan —for their invaluable contributions to the Camp’s success. Their expertise, guidance, and passion for the game were instrumental in creating an engaging and enriching experience for all participants.


Teamline takes immense pride in its contribution to the success of the Property Invest Youth Camp. Their free online subscription service streamlined organization, simplifying registration and communication. Additionally, their provision of camp-related outfits added excitement and unity among participants, contributing to a memorable and cohesive event.